Pic. Credit : Free photo library

You lie in your cocoon trapped in life’s box
So dark so scary you want to be free
Moist Eyes with the flashes of the thrown rocks
Fallen mask of your disguised love you see

The Eyes seem so void where once dreams were lots
The wings broken with body paralyzed
But you’re more than a body you’re your thoughts
Creativity of your soul deep inside

O’ dreamer! let your vision wear its shoe
Let it travel and never fear the odds
You can cage a body, it is so true
Has anyone been able to cage the thoughts?

For your thoughts, my love is that ray of light
Which can pass even through vacuum at night.

© Copyright S̮e̮l̮i̮n̮a̮ S̮u̮b̮b̮a̮

Also available on Trapped at YouTube▶️. For more such videos subscribe to Shaluverse

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