In a World where being good is bad,
How do I let myself bloom,
Where kindness is considered a fool’s symbol and love as life’s doom
How do I be what I truly am?

Is being good really that bad?
Or is it that others find it to be so hard?
How do I stop being myself for the sake of surviving?
How do I be cruel when my heart says be loving?

This question always haunts me..
But I know if I cannot be true to myself
I may survive but never truly live.
In a world where being good is bad,
I have wandered and still found places where the good is needed because of the BAD.

So, here I am with my head held high;
Being truly what I am with an AIM
To make a difference in this world,
Where being kind is considered insane

If kindness is insane let me be an example of Insanity,
If being loving is foolish, let me cultivate and spread this foolishness.

In a world where being good is bad,
Let me be BAD and spread the GOOD
Let me be the light in someone’s Cloud

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This one act of yours can
inspire someone to continue living her dream 📝✍️


      1. Thank you so much.
        My first short story is getting published in an anthology.
        If you could spare a few minutes, I have written a blog about it called “STEPPING MY FIRST BABY STEP IN THE WORLD OF STORY-TELLING, ARE YOU READY TO SUPORT?”.If you could give it a read it would mean a lot to me.


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