A note to Mom in Heaven 💐

“Mom” not just a word but a thousand emotions that comes along, 
A shade in summer, a shelter in rain
And warmth in the coldest of winters
Lucky are the ones who can still find a shade when they are burning under the SUN, 
Blessed are those who have a place to go when it’s raining out there
And happy are those who can find warmth when it’s cold outside.. 

O’ how much I miss you mom
No words can ever express. 
Those innocent eyes, that sweet smile
And the warmth of those lovely hugs. 
How i wish I could get you back, 
Tell you my stories and find shelter in life’s WINTER.

It rains heavily sometimes in my life mom, 
I miss you more and more with every falling raindrops… 
When I get burnt sometimes under life’s SUN, 
I realise you are not there and forever GONE… 

The more I miss you, the more I love you… 
The more I love you, the more I need you.. 
Your absence will never ever be filled, 
Yet your presence will always be felt. 
You are still in me never away, 
People find a glance of you in me is what they say. 

If lucky are people who still have their Mothers,
 I am lucky too because I was born to the kindest of STARS. 
An example of kindness, a goddess of love. 
Not just to her children but to all. 
And it’s a promise to you my Mom, 
Like you always taught me
I will stand tall 
No matter how many times I fall..

You can listen to this poem on YOUTUBE▶️ by clicking here 👉 Mom

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