This is an English translation of the post एउटा सोच💭 originally written in Nepali language

When I look around and analyse things, I often get reminded of a toddler falling down while trying to walk. We all have seen a toddler falling down and crying. And most of us have also teased them at some point just to enjoy them cry cutely. It felt so good seeing them cry. Right??

I also remember her mother giving us that angry look and consoling her by saying nothing has happened. She just became a little stronger and bigger. And that cute poor kid would also believe and stop crying hearing those words from her mother as if nothing had happened.

These days the cries of that baby have again started coming in my ear. For some reason, I often get the feeling of that baby being not able to get up and walk.

Are we still teasing someone like the baby we had teased at one point? Are our words still hurting and discouraging someone to get up once again?

Life means moving forward. In this process, we fall down sometimes. A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of rain.. this is what everyone’s life is. But knowingly or unknowingly are we not laughing and enjoying someone’s failure? Are our words not breaking and making someone’s heart cry?

When we fall down tomorrow will someone also not laugh at us? Like we teased that little girl, will someone also not tease us in our fall?

And who knows like her mother whether someone will be there for us or not?


One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life. That word is love💖  
Let’s not be harsh when we have the option to love💕

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This one act of yours can
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