I came across this post from Sudeep’s Journal which I found resonating to what I see and feel around. Please click My Deep Seated Insecurities for full post..

Follow him for more such amazing piece of works.. 💖

Life has now become a competition, a continuous state of comparison, a complete abomination towards oneself. Someday, I love myself; some days, it is hatred that wins over me. But one thing that I have experienced lately is my unwillingness to do anything, the continuous state of confusion that I am in telling myself if […]

My Deep Seated Insecurities


  1. Isn’t he awesome? He’s my Friend from college, and I didn’t know he wrote so many things so beautiful. He’s totally underrated! Anyone reading this comment, do follow him for the best contents ever! ❤️

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    1. I could get an instant connection to what he had written. He has written many beautiful pieces in his blog.
      But I got ur point of underrated..

      U know my blog is starting to get visibility only just now. When I analysed what different I did i realised that I became more of a reader of other blogs. We need to make ourselves visible first. 🙂

      For now, I shy away from ads though


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