Dear friends,

Few weeks ago, I just knew that there’s a poetry form called ‘Haiku’ with whatsoever no idea of what it actually was.

However, few days back I stumbled across one HAIKU poem on the internet and instantly fell in love with it. Since then I have been constantly reading about this poetry form and learning.

While I was on this process I came across few websites which are accepting haiku contest submissions for free. I felt this would motivate some Haiku lovers reading this post.

Please click on the link below for more details

74th Basho Memorial English Haiku Contest

The 25th International “Kusamakura” Haiku Competition

HIA Haiku contest

I value your wonderful read. Please follow➕ Seli’s Diary if you are not yet a follower.

This one act of yours can inspire someone to continue living
her dream 📝✍️


  1. My pleasure my friend…
    Thanks for visiting mine as well.

    And nobody is born genius.
    I am also a newbie trying to learn this poetry form as I found it very interesting.. 🙂


  2. Hi
    Feels so good that I happened to stumble into your blog. I am a lover of Haiku poetry too. Read a few and then somehow have got smitten by it. Thank you so much for the free entry sites. Will check them out. Btw…if you are on facebook, there are a few poetry competitions for Haiku lovers. Not sure if you are aware of them. Have participated in a few and managed to get a recognition as one in top 5/10 in a field of 35-40 people. Can give details if you are interested. Look forward to reading more of your Haiku poems and also exchanging notes. Have you, btw come across a book of poetry titled stray birds by Rabindranath Tagore. They are apparently his attempt at writing Haiku poetry. Cheers and bye for now. 😊

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    1. I’m glad u found my blog💖

      I hadn’t read Stray birds until I found ur comment. Rabindranath Tagore is phenomenal and so is his work.

      I read few pieces from the book and as always it has got so much depth.
      Looking forward to read them all.
      He is still alive in our hearts and the history of literature for a reason which is very much evident through his works..

      It would really be a pleasure to see u around in my blogging journey.

      And congratulations on ur achievement. I haven’t checked any fb contest on FB yet. Would love to check it out.

      And to be honest, I am just a newbie in this field. 😊

      Looking forward to read more from ur blog. C u 🙂

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  3. My heart ticks Haiku. I love the 5-7-5 rhythm. It was wonderful to have you click to follow my blog and therefore leave a calling card so I could find you, Seli. ❤ Thank you! I appreciate your links ro spots where there are Haiku contests. It's always fun to see what others write. Thanks, {{{Seli}}} ❤


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