#Covid19 #PowerofPrayers #Pandemic #HoldOn

With so much going around, it’s hard to be positive. Numbers are increasing, people are dying everyday. Seeing it travel everywhere, now I can feel it right here, very near. We do not know when death is gonna knock us. It’s hard to be positive but right now that’s the only thing I know.

I am scared, frustrated but I won’t lose hope. Because if I do, I won’t have the strength to hold on. I need to be strong and so do you all. Because we need to hold on. Hold on and save ourselves and our loved ones.

Let’s turn this crisis into an opportunity to see what’s truly worth living for. Let’s share our time with our loved ones and hold on to each other because love in true sense is the only thing worth living for. Let’s remember all those beautiful people who made our life’s journey worthwhile and with whom we haven’t been able to talk due to our busy schedules. Dial their numbers. Talk to them.

Let’s turn to our hobbies, our passion which got buried somewhere living those busy lives. Let’s turn to prayers as well not because we believe in miracles but because they have strong powers. They make us believe that it’s gonna be okay and provide us with patience, strength and hope. And those are the things we truly need right now. Lets be strong and stay safe inside.

#LetsSurviveCorona #LetsFollowLockdown

What have you guys turned on to these quarantine days? Feel free to comment below.

Love 💕