Children are the joys of life. Who will fail to smile when they see a baby with those innocent eyes. They help us see the world from a different perspective. They make us happy and a better human being. But not everyone will be blessed with the potential of bearing a child in their wombs. By potential, it could be physical or even social. Some will have medical issues which will not allow them to have a baby whereas some will have social barriers like for unmarried people, to have a baby is a taboo in many countries. In both cases adoption, IVF and surrogacy are like precious gifts. 

Talking about these processes, adoption is the act and the process where someone not biologically related to you becomes your child. When you opt for adoption, you are giving life to someone who is already born by saving one. Its beautiful and you are also contributing to this world by helping it become a better place to live for someone.

IVF and Surrogacy on the other hand are the processes of creating totally new lives with the help of technology. IVF and surrogacy both give you options to create a life using your own genes. The baby born will be yours biologically and the responsibility of a parent will also be totally yours by birth. 

So, Choice is yours… You want to give life by saving one or create a new life altogether. In both cases, I wish everyone all the best and keep spreading love💕

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