One word.. Yes just one word and such a huge impact. The word that you utter from your mouth has the power to either make someone or break someone. And yes of course, it is enough for people to know what true colour you have inside that mask.

When your world has turned upside down what you expect from your loved ones is a shoulder and an assurance that it’s okay. Just that much. I have been in a situation when nothing was going right in my life and I had few close people tell me. “I pity you. Your world has crashed. I am sorry to say but you won’t be able to do anything in life. You are good for nothing. I don’t know how you gonna run a house and your life. “

That was the response I got from people whom I really loved and cared. I knew my world had crashed but how insensitive were they to tell those words. And to be precise, this was when my mom had expired and it wasn’t even 2weeks.

In a second they made me realise that I am a dirt, having no value that also when I had lost the pillar of my family. I was hurt. My heart cried the moment I heard those words. I didn’t say anything. Those words kept haunting me. From hurt I then became angry. So angry… And you know in a second again they lost the respect and love I had for them. And I know it’s not gonna be the same again because now I know how much they really care about me.

When the so called close people were making fun of the phase I was going through, I had my inner self telling me that I am much more than their limited thought. I am not perfect, my life is not perfect. But I am a living soul and definitely not the “good for nothing”. That was what kept me going. This strength that I got was from my mom. Whenever I fell down in life, she always told me it’s okay to fall. What matters is to get up every time you fall coz that’s how life is. And I am amazing.

Those words from my mom always motivated me and still does even when she is not near me. So you see how I got affected with those two different sentences I heard from two different people.

One broke me down and the other one healed me.

I am an observer. I observe people’s nature and what I have found is that people are mostly unhappy because of society. More than what is happening to them, they are worried of what people gonna think of them. And this all is happening because of the words they have heard people say and sometimes they say to people.

I have seen people wear gold after marriage just to show people. It’s okay if you love wearing gold but I have seen people say, after marriage we need to wear gold just to show people also. Otherwise people will say that we are in misery. Why??? People don’t speak about mental issues, infertility issues, home violence.. Why???

It’s sad but the truth is, it’s because of the insensitive remarks they are scared to hear.

I feel somehow, we have failed as a society. We need to be sensitive. Being sensitive it doesn’t mean that you need to feel the pain the other one is going through. It’s not possible. We might feel bad but we can’t feel anyone’s pain unless we are going through it.

But I think to have a sense of what people are going through is in our hands. If nothing good is coming in our mouth, to shut up is in our hands.

The only motive of this post was to make people realise how a word can affect people’s mind and life. Let’s analyze ourselves and make this world a better place to live.

Love 💕

© Copyright S̮e̮l̮i̮n̮a̮ S̮u̮b̮b̮a̮


      1. Congratulations on your award! You deserve it 🌹
        I thank you for your kind nomination and I am really honoured to have been designated. 🙏 I’d love to participate but I prefer to use my blog time to visit my friends’ blogs and comment on their wonderful posts. I also feel that their valued comments, their words of supports, their appreciations are my awards.
        I am confident that you will not feel offended by my declining 🌹 😊 🌹
        Thank you again

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